What is 36 percent of 50?

You can calculate 36% of 50 easily without relying on a calculator. This is a comprehensive guide on calculating the 36% of 50. Once you follow this example, you will be able to calculate any percentage of a number manually. But if you want to know the answer to 36% of 50, it is 18

36% of 50 is 18

Percentage refers to a number or a ratio that is expressed as a fraction of 100. You will come across percentage problems in nearly all fields in the world, whether it’s loan interests, shares, stocks, profits, sports, agriculture, or engineering fields. You need to know how to find the percentage of another number so as to make something useful. In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to calculate the % of a number without using a calculator.

How to calculate 36% of 50

Step 1: Divide 36 by 100

36/100 = 0.36

Step 2: Multiply the answer in step 1 by 50

0.36 x 50

Therefore 36% of 50 is 18

Most calculators on the internet will only show you the answer to the percentage of another number. But Basics Math shows you how to calcite the percentage of a given number step by step

Percentage Symbol


Percentage Formula

P × X = Y

PRefers to 36/100, which is 0.36

XThe number you wish to find a percentage of. In this case, its 36

YThe answer you get from multiplying 0.36  by 50 which is 18

0.36 x 50 =18

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