Prime Factors of 2041

In this article, we will look at the Prime factors of 2041 and the steps to find prime factors of 2041

What are prime factors?

Prime factors are the factors of a given number that are prime numbers. A prime number refers to an integer greater than one that is only divisible by itself and 1. For Instance, the Prime factors of 2041 are all the prime numbers that you can multiply to get 2041

List of Prime factors of  2041

13 X 157

How to find prime factors of 2041

Step 1: Divide 2041 by the smallest number possible

Step 2: Divide the result with the smallest number possible again

Step 3: Repeat this process until you get a non-zero remainder

In our case, the prime factors are: 13 X 157


  • Prime numbers greater than 1 only have one prime factor which is the number itself (This means they have no prime numbers less than themselves)
  • Composite numbers have prime numbers which are less than themselves

Prime Factor Tree of 2041

From the image you can see the prime factors are: 13 X 157

What are the factors of 2041?

1, 13, 157, 2041

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