LCM of 75 and 80

LCM of 75 and 80 is 1200

What is LCM?

LCM stands for the least common multiple. The LCM of two numbers, such as 75 and 80, is the smallest number that is divisible by both 75and 80 without producing a remainder.

How to calculate the Lcm of 75 and 80

You can calculate the LCM of 75 and 80 by using any of the two methods listed below.

Method 1: By Prime Factorization

Step 1: Find the prime factors of 75

3 X 5 X 5

Step 2: Find the prime factors of 80

2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 5

Step 3: List the Prime factors of 75 and 80 the greatest number of times they occur.

2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 3 X 5 X 5

Step 4: Multiply the answer above to get the lcm  of 75 and 80  which is: 1200

Method 2: LCM by Long division

We can also find the LCM of numbers using the long division method. Look at the image below to find out how to find LCM using Long division.

Answer: 1200

LCM calculator

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