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How to Use Modulo Calculator

Step 1: Enter the Dividend and the Divisor

Step 2: Click calculate 

Step 3: A page with the Mod answer and steps will appear

What is Modulo

Modulo is a mathematical operation that seeks a remainder when a number is divided by another number. It is represented by the symbol % and abbreviated as Mod. A modulus problem can be represented in mathematics by X % Y or X mod Y. 

Modulo symbol


Other names for Modulo

Modulus, Mod


a mod n =  r whereby a and n are numbers while r is the remainder. a  is the dividend while n is the divisor. 

How to Find Modulo

There are two ways to find modulo by division.:

Multiplication by Ignoring the decimals: 


  • Divide a by n
  • Ignore the whole numbers and work with decimals
  • Find the product of the decimals and the divisor


2 mod 5 

2 divided by 5 is equal to 0.4

0.4  times 5 is 2


2 mod 5 is

Subtraction by ignoring whole numbers


  • Divide a by n
  • Ignore whole numbers and work with decimals
  • Find the difference between the dividend and the answer in step 2

2 divide 5  is 0.4

Let’s ignore decimals 0 and multiply it with the divisor 5

0 times 5 is 0

Now subtract 0 from 2

2 – 0 = 2

Therefore 2 mod 5 is 2

Uses of Modulo

  • Clock Arithmetic: Modulo is used to convert a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour clock. for example, 15 becomes 3 PM because 15 mod 12 is 3.
  • Scientific uses: Modulo is used in computer science, cryptography, and programming. 
  • Check Digits: Modulo is applied in verifying data from various serial numbers such as ISBN, ISSN, IBAN, and NPI 

Modulo Formula

a mod b = Dividend – (Divisor x Quotient)   a is the dividend while b is the diviso


Modulo Video Tutorial

Solved Modulo Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you calculate Modulo?

  • First, Divide the dividend by the divisor, 
  • Ignore the decimals and multiply the whole number with the divisor
  • Subtract the answer from the second step to get your final answer 

2. What is Modulo in Math?

Modulo in mathematics refers to the remainder of two numbers using long division. 

3. What does 5mod7 mean?

5 mod 7 is 5. That means 5/7 is 0 remainder 5

4. What is a mod in programming?

Mod in programming is an operation used to find the remainder after dividing two numbers.