What is 2 Mod 4

Here are the steps to find:

2  Mod is  2


What Is Modulo?

Modulo is also known as Modulus or mod is the remainder after you divide a number with another number. If there is no reminder then the mod is zero.

The operator for Modulo is mod or % as used in programming. Here are two ways to calculate modulus.


How to calculate Modulo

Method 1: By ignoring decimals
To calculate X mod Y

Step 1: Divide X and Y
Step 2: Ignore decimals if any and multiply the answer by divisor Y (Round down)
Step 3: Subtract the answer from the second step from the divinded X

How to calculate 1 mod 3

Step 1: 2 Divide 4 equals 0.5
Step 2: Ignore decimals 0
0 Multiply 4 Equals 0
Step 3: 2 Minus 0 Equals 2
Therefore: 2 MOD 4 is 2


Method 2: Ignoring Whole numbers
To calculate X mod Y

Step 1: Divide X by Y
Step 2: Ignore the whole numbers and work with the decimals
Step 3: Multiply the decimal numbers by divisor Y



How to calculate 2 mod 4

Step 1: 2 Divide 4 Equals 0.5
Step 2: Ignore Whole numbers 0.5
Step 3: 0.5 Multiply 4 Equals 0
Therefore: 2 MOD 4 is 2


Practical Uses of Modulo

1. To determine whether a number is odd or Even
2. To convert seconds into hours, minutes and seconds
3. In programming to create a loop (do something every nth time)


Solve another Modulus:

Modulo Calculator



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