The Greatest Common Divisor of 50 and 60

What is GCD?

GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor. It is also widely referred to as GCF, which is the Greatest Common Factor or HCF, the Highest Common Factor. The GCD of a set of positive numbers is the largest positive number that can divide all numbers evenly without any remainder. This tutorial will guide you to find the GCD, HCF, or GCF of a set of numbers.

How to calculate GCD

First, you need to find all the factors or divisors of the numbers. Your GCD is the largest common number for each number

Example: How to Find the GCD of 50 and 60

The Highest Common Factor of a, b and c is the positive number that can divide all the numbers equally. We can represent our problem Mathematically as GCD (50 , 60)

Step 1: List all the positive divisors or factors of 50 and 60

Divisors of 50


Divisors of 60


Step 2: Now let’s compare all the divisors to find the largest common number. As you can see, the largest common number that can divide both numbers without a remainder in the above lists of divisors is 10.

Therefore, the GCD (50 , 60) is:


GCD Calculator

Enter two numbers to check their Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)

The GCD of two Numbers


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