Factors of 23

Factors of 23 are the integers that can divide 23 without producing remainders. Factors of 23 can also be referred to as the divisors of 23. In this guide, you will learn how to find the factors of 23.

The Factors of 23 are:


How to find the factors of 23

Step 1: Divide 23 by all whole numbers less or equal to 23

Step 2: Pick only the numbers without decimal points

The answer is:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the biggest factor of 23?


2. What is the smallest factor of 23?


3. What is the difference between Prime factors and factors?

Let’s take 23 as an example. The prime factors of 23 are the divisors that cannot be broken down any further. In this case, the Prime factors are 23.

Conversely, the factors are all the numbers that can be multiplied with another number to produce 23. Note that factor pairs can be broken down further. In this case, the factors are: 1,23

4. What is the Sum of factors of 23?

When you add all the factors of 23 the result is:


5. How many factors does 23  have?


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